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About the Book

He Comes, You Choose is inspired by Wontavius Rimpson’s passion for uplifting women and teaching them to become the best version of themselves for themselves. Her mission is to help women regain their power by uncovering their tailor-made identity. Wontavius believes that a lack of identity will cause a woman to digress instead of progress. From enduring many challenges and obstacles, Wontavius has taken her lemons and created lemonade. She is now an articulate speaker with influence and has come to the realization that many women’s lack of identity causes them to compete and hate other women. Many women with broken self-esteem dislike other women because of the envy associated with another woman’s lifestyle, including self-image, occupation, and favor.


The breakdown of women was formed from insecurity and comparison, and He Comes, You Choose helps women reach within and discover the best version of themselves. Wontavius’ desire is to help women maximize their single-season by working on themselves and operating in their purpose. The reality is that many women don’t take time to find their tailor-made identity, which causes them to lose their identity when introduced into a relationship. This book was written to help women understand that their life has a purpose and that they have something to offer society. Having a sense of self and purpose helps women understand the importance of waiting on a man worthy of their time instead of settling for a man who never deserved it.

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About the Author

Wontavius Rimpson was born to Lanelle and Walter Rimpson and is the second youngest child of 12 siblings. Though Wontavius’ journey to self-discovery was not easy, she believed in God and exercised healing through new knowledge and constant motivation from her mother. Growing up, Wontavius battled with low self-esteem and a lack of confidence due to many negative words spoken over her but soon realized that she was called to be everything she was told she could not. Wontavius learned to push through obstacles and show up to every battle, confident that she had the victory. Wontavius was asked many times what her name stood for and never truly knew until she defined herself as a warrior princess. She is a woman who strives to be better than her yesterday and continues to overcome all odds through her faith in God and her tailor-made identity.

Wontavius earned her Associates and bachelor’s degree in education. Wontavius loves serving her community and giving back to society all of what she has acquired thus far. Wontavius hopes to model what many young girls need in this present everchanging world. She hopes to inspire individuals to keep hope and never give up.

Wontavius keeps the scripture found in Philippians 4:13 close to her heart, saying, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Wontavius chooses not to let her circumstances detour her from God and from living a purposeful, thriving life. She believes that God’s strength in her will always overshadow every obstacle and stumbling block that presents itself. Her faith in God makes her whole and keeps her pressing towards the mark and fulfilling God’s will in her life.

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