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We Are Equipped For The Battle

With walking with God, we are more than equipped for the battle. This means we are equipped for success, we are equipped for trails, we are equipped for temptation,and we are equipped for anything that the enemy may try to throw your way. But why is it that we sit down on what lives on the inside of us? Why is it that when we are in hard situations we walk around with our head down instead of up? We need to understand that the Bible says, "All things work together for our good". We also need to refer back to when David fought Goliath. David was the youngest of three brothers, and i imagine him small in statue. Goliath was a huge man that, many feared. David was getting ready to fight a man who had been fighting since his youth! From the natural eye, I know many people thought David had gone crazy and was about to lose his life, but God proved the doubters wrong! David killed Goliath with a sling and a stone. It wasn't what David had that killed Goliath,but it is what was living on the inside of him. David had a true relationship with God and faith! He knew where his help was coming from! Just like David we can defeat the enemy and tear his kingdom down by what we have living on the inside of us. We are equipped for the Battle!

Bible Scriptures:

Romans 8:28

1Samuel 17

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