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What is Love?

Today I want to talk about true Love. Some believe love is defined within looks, some believe love is defined within money, and others believe love is defined with abuse. Today I want to tell you really what love is. Love is God and God is love. To break this

down God sent his only begotten son, Jesus to die on the cross for the world's sin. Jesus didn't have sin within him, but it was us who had sin within our lives. Jesus was mocked, he was laughed at, he was lied on, and persecuted on every end, but in the mist of it all he still had you and I on his mind. The love that Jesus shows is unconditional. Jesus loves us even when we are deeply rooted in sin. He loves us so much that he gives new grace and mercy everyday! Jesus looks beyond our flaws and sees a need. When we look in the mirror sometimes all we can see is what we hate about ourselves, God looks at us and sees what we can be. The price that Jesus paid for a world's sin will never be paid again. So love is denying yourself to take up the cross! Love is giving up this whole world and its desires to follow Jesus all the way.


Isaiah 53:3

John 3:16

Romans 5:8

Matthew 16:25

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