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Reflecting Over The Year Of 2016

As I reflect over the year of 2016 I am simply an awe of what God has done for me. I am also simply grateful of what and who God has kept me from! The Lord is truly a faithful God, and he keeps his word. The bible says in Habakkuk 2:2 "And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it." I can say that this scripture spoke volumes into my 2016 Ready, Set, Go year! Coming out of 2015 was defiantly challenging for me. Some of those challenges included: death of love ones, mind games, and temporary illness, but It was all preparation. I thank God for my 2015 year, because without the attacks, my 2016 wouldn't have been as successful as it was. Jekalynn Carr sings, "Greater is coming." Though my 2015 year was extremely challenging I yet, had to trust God. In order for your oil to flow, you must go through the Shaking, the Beating, and the Pressing! For some of you, your 2016 may have been my 2015, but I want to encourage you that your greater is on the way. Although my 2016 wasn't glamorous everyday, I thank

God for everyday he blessed me to see. I was able to graduate from my Community College this year (on time), along with starting a website, sponsoring 7a.m. Wednesday Prayer on Campus, finding a job on campus, starting a t-shirt line(will be released in 2017) and also furthering my education at a University. I have something to be thankful for! For some of you, the challenges that you have faced this year may have been very uncomfortable, but I want to reassure you that it is working for your good!(Romans 8:28) I am a living and a walking testimony that God truly does work things for our good. He is purposeful in everything that he does. His mind is much bigger than what we can see, so Hang on in there no matter what the devil throws your way! Because the Lord blessed me and favored me this year, didn't OMIT me from being a target to the devil! I am still a target to the devil and forever will be, because I'm staying in the army of the Lord. This year I went through a season of rejection after rejection! Some of this rejection came from so- called friends, church people, and a crush that I liked! This Fall as I transferred to a University,I went into this University totally blind-sided. I didn't know many people, but after seeking God the previous summer he lead me to this University! Adjusting wasn't my problem; it was the trust that I was putting into the wrong people! I met so called friends at the beginning of the fall who gave me a fist when I was trying to lend a hand! These so called friends included 3 females and 1 male that were all introduced by me. At the beginning I thought hey, I met some cool people, but after walking in on them gathered around a dinner table talking about me I saw otherwise. Being that I saw this lowness of these so-called friends I was disappointed, but I was thankful that God heard my prayers. The week before this incident took place, I was praying that God would allow every person in my life that was wasn't for me to be revealed, and he did just that! I felt the way Jesus felt when his disciples turned on him, when he was heading to the cross. Even though I felt this pain, rejection, and hurt I knew I was on the right track! Whenever a person Is on the right track the enemy always attacks the hardest. I kept praying and having faith that God would work it all for my good.Following this rejection included rejection and abandonment from some church people! To be transparent I can see why people in the world would rather keep bad company than have church friends! The reason I say this is because some churches aren't very inviting to new members! Sometimes church people put on shows and try to portray themselves as being Holy and righteous, but are the complete opposite. This year i never experienced so much rejection and abandonment from church people in my entire life! It was the worldly people who I expect to hurt me, BUT I never thought church people could do this too. I struggled to find a way to church every Sunday after relocating and attending this University that God told me to attend. There were church people who stayed on the same Campus with me who never bothered asking me for a ride to church, and whenever I asked I didn't get a reply back for hours! I couldn't understand how some people in the church could lend out a helping hand to people in the community, but see a person right before them and over look them! The main issue that I saw in the church that I was attending was the lack of love and concern. It's was definelty a shame that I had to experience this, but I thank God that he answers prayers! The Lord sent me this year a woman that is truly a CHRISTIAN! She knew that I didn't have a vehicle and I was hours away from home and not only offered me a ride to Church, but a ride around the town whenever I needed to go to stores! As for the cliques in the church, the Lord blessed me with one good person that I can call a Friend. Though I experienced much rejection this year, I am thankful that God loved me enough to protect me from snakes in sheep clothing! This year I also was rejected by my crush! I am thankful even for God blocking him out of my life. I learned that I am Wayyyyy too Beautiful inside and out to have to ever have to chase someone to see the obvious! I wouldn't even say the old saying, "You Snooze you Lose", because if God intended on me being with that old crush It would have happened. I'm content in being where God wants me to be, after all there is a season for everything! In conclusion, my 2016 was INTENTIONAL!!!! I truly thank God for the many blessing that he bestowed on me this year and for keeping bad Company Far AWAY From ME! I grew as a person this year because I learned that putting trust into the wrong people and putting more trust in people rather than God is ultimately FAILURE! I also learned that forgiveness is what I must do, no matter who is in the wrong! 2016 was my Ready, Set, Go year NOW I'm simply claiming 2017 to be even more purposeful!

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