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Women Stop Trying To Find Your Completion In A Man

Today It was pressed upon my heart to share with you women that don't need a man to complete you and make you feel validated. Alot of times both young and older women feel that they need to be in a relationship because of outside people, which can include: Friends, Family, and Society. The world that we live in is consistently telling women that if they are not married by a certain age, they are either not attractive, or they are bitter, unlovable women. With the pressure that many women face to please others, they quickly jump into marriage after only knowing their spouse for 4 months and sometimes shorter. Women are not taking there time when it comes to relationships. They see a guy and are quick to jump to conclusions. They plan a wedding in their minds, without even fully knowing the guy that they are dating. Its vital for women to stop looking to men to find their worth! I read a famous quote that said "Stop looking for man's approval when God has already put his approval on you", this is what many women NEED to realize. The best man that could have ever approved you and saw worth in you is Jesus Christ! Jesus loves you when you are unlovable, he cares for you when you don't even care about yourself, he has called you out.... WOMEN for such a time as this! It's time out for women trying to marry to cover up hidden INSECURITIES and VOIDS! If you didn't grow up with a male figure, STOP trying to find it in your spouse! Spend time everyday in God's presence so he can show you who you really are. The worst thing a woman can do is be in a relationship without fully knowing who they are in Jesus Christ. Many women today believe they are Proverbs 31 women because they can cook, sing, dance, and because they go to church. If you read Proverbs 31 you would know that a Proverbs 31 woman most importantly has a relationship with God! It's a very dangerous game to put all of your confidence and worth in Any Man other than God. God is a jealous God and he desires that we have an authentic relationship with him. When its all said and done ask yourself, Am I in a relationship to feel validated? Do I truly Know who I am? If the first time i get married is passed 30, am I okay? These are questions that not only I'm suggesting, but questions that apply to me as well. God has season and a timing for everything, so when God gets ready to send you spouse, YOU BE READY! Don't look to him to complete you and make you feel validated, JUST KNOW YOUR Worth!!

God did not design Women for them to not know who they are, You Complete a Man

Genesis 2:18

1 Corinthians 11:9

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