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Keeping the Faith

In today's blog I want to encourage someone to keep the faith. For me I can surely testify that keeping the faith is work, but is surely worth it. In this Christian life that we live, we learn from our pastors and leaders about keeping the faith; but I know sometimes in life we wonder has God heard us pray, or does he even care. In this season of my life God has had to push me, because if stay at my level of comfort zone his Glory cannot be done! God has literally pushed me away from certain people in my life, who I thought had my best interest, and told me to trust me him. When God pushed me I was like okay God, so you don't want me be happy or something? And God was like I want my will to done in your life, so sometimes I had to position you in a place that was uncomfortable , so I can get my glory out of your life. In times such as this, we sometimes doubt God and what he is capable of. I believe that if you and I would shift our focus from our problems, and focus on God he can STRENGTHEN our faith. The bible tells us in 2 Corinthians 5:7 that we ought to walk by faith and not by sight! I believe that this scriputure is powerful, because walking by faith takes the stress away, takes the worry away, and also takes the doubt away. While walking by faith is work, we must learn to lean on Jesus like never before. God trust us enough to allow us to go through the fire and the smoke because he knows that we can come out as PURE GOLD. In this life if we really and sincerely want to please God we have to trust him even when we can't trace him. God doesn't need our permission for anything that he wants to do in our life; he does what he wants! I'm glad to serve a God who looks out for me and has my best interest. God doesn't change at all, and the moments that you and I need him the MOST, he is right there. I heard Chris Tomilin sing "GOOD GOOD FATHER", and that truly is who my God is! He loves his people, and he would do anything for you and I......... I believe the least we can do is trust him even when we can't see it turning around. I know for myself I want his plan,his glory, and his will over my life to be fulfilled, because that is what I was truly created for! I was NOT created for everyone to like me and for me to be famous and etc... I was created to serve God with my WHOLE heart! So people of God when you fall into different seasons that you feel like quitting remember that God has his hand over your life, and that nothing catches HIM by SURPRISE. Keep the faith through whatever the devil throws your way, because you will come out as pure gold. You won't look nor smell like smoke, because God is your Shield and your Sheppard. He is a Good, Good father, and it will work for your good!

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