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Trust In The Lord

In today's blog I will be talking about trusting the Lord during difficult times. How many are you facing a mountain that you have never faced on today? How many of you have prayed and prayed, but feel as though God doesn't care? How many of you are at the end of the rope and ready to throw in the towel? If you fall into any of these categories, you are in the right place. On today I will be writing about trusting God during difficult times and also telling my testimony. To begin about 2 years ago I lost my grandmother. For me this was a pretty tough time, but yet I trust God and his plan. I was a freshman in College and very unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I had given my life to God a year before and knew that when I became saved I wanted to witness to everyone I could. I was very excited, but along the way I have had to hold on to the same word I told others about. I have surely had my back against the wall and trials on every side, but I stand here a 21 year old women of God yet saying God you're good! I was raised by a single mother and two grandparents, who all loved me dearly. Growing up I never thought or imagined losing my mother or my grandparents but I know that we all have our day to go home. With so many trials and tribulations that I faced back in 2015 , I know I wouldn't have made it if God wasn't on my side. The bible says there is a season for everything, though many people close to me died in 2015 I didn't lose my FAITH or my PEACE. God kept my sanity and used what the devil meant for evil to work just for my good. Losing my grandmother at the time was like not having the last peace to a puzzle. She was a praying women who loved peace, unity, and helping those she could. I know If I wouldn't have accepted Jesus one year before my grandmother died I probably would not be in a place to witness. I feel as if by me being saved I was able to get through this very hard time without losing my focus. Often times in life when we face challenge; they can come unexpected. I didn't know that my grandmother was about to leave this earth one year after I gave my life to the Lord, but the Lord knew. With whatever situation you are facing you can recover! With so much that is happening in the world, God is calling for us to seek him like never before. We must trust him even when things look like they are not getting better. I remember even writing in my Bible and asking the Lord to heal my grandmother. I wanted her to stay a little while longer, but we must understand that when a person's purpose is's finished. I'm talking about my grandmother and her death so often in this blog, because someone needs to accept the will of God. God does things in order, if he knew you couldn't shake whatever you are going through he wouldn't have given that trial to you. Please beware that God  yet has a purpose for you in the mist of your hard times. Sometimes  we question God and don't realize that, the very thing that was meant to wipe us out will work for our good. On this year I was able to witness to people who were going through the exact thing God gave me the power to overcome! If people would have saw my head hung down when I was going through things, they probably wouldn't have had confidence that God could yet bring them out. But because I endured that season of my life, I know that the Bible is true. God is intentional, so whatever you are facing continue to trust God, he will see you through. Remember,  It's not over!!!!!

Romans 8:28

Philippians 4:13

Ecclesiastes 3 

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