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Obey The Voice Of God

In today's blog I will be explaining why it's important to "Obey the Voice of God". So many times in our lives we honestly believe we know what is best for us. I come on today to let someone know that if you just obey the voice of God.....there are many problems that you will not have to face. Often times we are like Jonah, that was described in the Bible. Jonah was a prophet of God, and God commanded Jonah to go preach to the people in Nineveh. Instead of Jonah following the instructions of God, Jonah fled and decided to take his own path. Along the way Jonah faced a "Great Storm". This great storm was the wrath of God, for Jonah's disobedience. God allowed Jonah to be swallowed up in a "Great fish", belly for three days and three nights. While Jonah was in the belly of this "Great Fish", he prayed and God heard his cry. The Lord being as gracious as he is, allowed Jonah a second chance to do the same work he commanded for Jonah to do. Many times in our lives God instructs us specifically what to do. Instead we often disobey God and run into problems that he didn't intend for us to face. Some of these problems can be, because our of lack of Faith. The Bible clearly tells us in 2 Corinthian 5:7, "For we live by faith, and not by sight". Sometimes we get fearful of what God is asking us to do, when God has already gone before us. When God gives us instructions he always sees the end result, before we do. Most of the time we don't want to follow the instructions of God, because we can't always see the "BIG PICTURE". My brother and my sister on today, I want you to understand that God is not a God who is not faithful. We as believers can put our TOTAL TRUST, in God. The reason we can put our TOTAL TRUST in God, is because he made us! He understands what we need more than we could ever fathom. God wants to save young women from heartbreaks that come from dating the wrong guys. God wants to send his daughters the best man after his own heart he created for you to have, but if you won't let go of what you think is good, God will NOT BLESS you with Better. This even goes for young men. Often times God has showed you that women you are with is a hindrance in your walk with God. Instead of letting the women go, you continue to hold onto "dead weight". This dead weight can not only destroy your relationship with God, it can disrupt God's plan for your life. We as God's Children must Obey his voice. Without following the voice of God we will suffer consequences, for our disobedience. Many times I myself, couldn't always understand why God would tell me to leave my friends at the time. I would constantly try to hang on to "dead weight", not knowing I was pulling myself down. When I finally left the wrong crowd, I was in total peace. I no longer felt used, drained, and confused. God gave me the peace he always intended for me to have, but he wasn't going to give me peace when I was not in his will(disobedient). On today God has sent me to tell someone to let go of "dead weight" . Stop trying convince yourself that the person you are with is who God wants you to be with. God will not allow you to date someone,marry someone, or be friends with someone who will disrupt your peace. I am learning to be comfortable by myself in this season. It is best for my spirit to be at ease than have the wrong influences surrounding me. God wants us to believe in him when he tells us, that it will be alright. Many of us are even pursuing careers that God is not apart of. Many of these careers that some of you are choosing is not for Glorifying God. You are pursuing these careers for attention and money. God wants your life totally to him, so you can go out with the power of God and change a life. I encourage who ever is reading this today, to obey the voice of God. It will not always be easy to trust the voice of God, but always remember that you can put your total trust in Jesus! God can save you from disappointments after disappointments, if you would just obey his Voice. He can save you from making drastic decisions that will only lead to guilt and shame. Some of these drastic decisions can included abortions,premarital sex,and thoughts or attempts of suicide. God is for you, and will always be for you! Do not disobey this time. God has given you a second chance on today, please take heed to this warning!!

***My Prayer For You****

I pray that you will Confess with your mouth that you will obey the voice of God...though it may not be easy and you may not understand....I pray that you will confess with your mouth that you will do his will....I pray that you confess with your mouth that you will be who has called and created for you to be...I pray that you confess with your mouth that you will not give up in this season, but that you will hang on in there no matter what the enemy sends your way....I pray that you confess with your mouth that you will surrender your plans for his ultimate PLAN....I pray that you confess with your mouth that you will not let the enemy have you attached to the wrong person... I pray that you confess with your mouth that you will serve the Lord with your Whole heart...give God your BEST YES on Jesus Might Name I pray Amen

Scriptures that I came from on today:

2 Corinthians 5:7

Matthew 6:33(relationships, careers, life)

Jonah chapter 1-4

God Speaks with a Still, Small Voice

****Song Of the Day****

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